Exploring Light: the Optics of Diffraction

Diffraction - The Teacher's Guide | 3.2MB PDF
Standards, suggestions for implementation, and suggested applets to illustrate difficult points

Diffraction - Student Guide and Worksheets | 2.3MB PDF
The student guide and worksheets were written by Lyn Del Monte Onato, a teacher at Hidalgo High School in Hidalgo, Texas.

Supplemental materials
1.) Materials List | 48kB PDF
2.) Scans of the diffraction cards used in the activity | 10.7MB PDF

Accompanying PowerPoint
Several optical effects related to the activity are available in this accompanying PowerPoint presentation | 9.9MB PDF . If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, please download the presentation in PDF format here.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration provided support for the development of this activity under an Education and Public Outreach supplement to Grant/Contract/Agreement NNG06GC45G issued through the Office of Space Science to Dr. Daniel Jaffe.