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Probing the Secrets of Dead Stars and Planetary Remnants

 Zach Vanderbosch has spent nearly 300 nights at McDonald Observatory studying the dead stars known as white dwarfs, and the orbiting disks of debris made up of these stars’ former planets. He will receive his PhD this month.

Giant Magellan Telescope is a Top Priority for US Astronomy this decade

National Report Ranks GMT, US-ELT Program Top Priority for 2020s

Strangely Massive Black Hole Found in Satellite Galaxy

Astronomers at McDonald Observatory have discovered an unusually massive black hole in at the heart of one of the Milky Way's satellite galaxies that could signal changes in our understanding of galaxy evolution.

Uncovering the Mystery of Early Massive Galaxies Running on Empty

New study reveals that early galaxies have no fuel, and something is stopping them from refilling the tank 

Galaxies Pump Out Contaminated Exhausts

A international team including Danielle Berg and John Chisholm have confirmed that what flows into a galaxy is a lot cleaner than what flows out. This galactic gas cycle regulates the creation of stars. The study provides a concrete benchmark to test theories of galaxy evolution.