Educator Professional Development

McDonald Observatory offers a spectacular setting for teacher professional development in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. 

Our signature hands-on teacher workshops welcome K-12 educators onsite at the Observatory for multi-day workshops that provide opportunities for conversations with astronomers and activities to enrich their classroom experiences at home. The workshops also include behind the scenes tours of a function research facility and evening observing opportunities. 

Summer 2022 Teacher Workshops 

McDonald Observatory will offer four Teacher Professional Development Workshops onsite at McDonald Observatory in June and July 2022. In addition, education staff will provide educator professional development asynchronously over the summer. In addition, education staff will provide educator professional development over the course of the summer following an online synchronous/asynchronous model.

Workshop dates, topics, and application will be posted in November 2021. 

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please send an inquiry to



K-12 Education Program Support

We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their support of K-12 Education programs
  • The Abell-Hanger Foundation
  • The Harry W. Bass Jr. Foundation,
  • The Fash Foundation,
  • The Alfred S. Gage Foundation
  • The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation,
  • The Meyer Levy Charitable Foundation
  • The Permian Basin Area Foundation, 
  • The Semmes Foundation 
  • The Stillwater Foundation
  • The National Science Foundation.
In adddition, these endowments provide sustaining support for Education & Outreach at McDonald Observatory.
  • The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation Education Endowment,
  • The Carolyn Frost Keenan and Charlie Gaines Educational Endowment for McDonald Observatory,
  • The Hugh Gragg Educational Endowment 
  • The Lynn Lyles Brill Education & Outreach Endowment,
  • The Leopold Tedesco Educational Endowment,
  • The Pam and Rom Welborn McDonald Observatory Endowment for Education Excellence,
  • The MESA Engineering Education Endowment in honor of David L. Lambert,
  • The Bill and Alice Wright Endowment for Education & Outreach,
  • The Mary Ann Rankin Endowment for UTeach Workshops,
  • and The Mary Kay Hemenway Outreach & Education Endowment

You can help support our programs through a contribution to our Annual Fund, a Friends Membership, or planned gift.