Get Started Astronomy

DK Get Started Astronomy Learn Something NewWould you like to learn about the night sky but don't know how or where to start?Get Started: Astronomy is your perfect, patient teacher. It shows you exactly how to find your way around the sky at night, quickly building confidence and skill. A series of observational exercises helps you learn more about space--nothing's assumed and everything's explained. Packed with advise, tips, and in-depth information, this book will soon have you fascinated by the stars, planets, and galaxies visible from Earth.Start Simple identify bright stars and constellations - learn about the Moon's phases and eclipses discover the Milky Way and see planets with the naked eyeBuild On It see distand galaxies through binoculars - discover where new stars are born find out why comets have a tailTake It Further learn how to choose and use a telescope -  see Saturn's rings and Jupiter's moons observe a supernova and learn about explosions in space