Solar Space Fleet Robotikits

7 in 1 Solar rechargeable space fleet. The Solar Space fleet is an innovative solar powered science kit that can transform into seven different lunar modules and energized via direct sunlight or micro rechargeable battery.Some solar powered toys, particularly those children can build themselves; provide an ideal mix of creative, active learning. The Solar Space Fleet allows children to snap together parts (no tools required) to create seven different working models, including a Space Station, Robot, Rover, Vehicle, Astronaut, Shuttle and Dog. Each complete model is powered by a mini solar panel using sunlight, indoor halogen light, or micro rechargable battery that literally brings the kits to life.The kit can be powered by either a solar panel or a micro rechargable battery (both are included in the kit). The micro rechargeable battery can be charged two ways. One is charged by direct sunlight and the other is charged by alkaline batteries (AAA x 2, not included).