Give the StarDate Sky Almanac this season and support science education in Texas!

29 November 2001

The 2002 edition of the StarDate Sky Almanac is now available for $4 from McDonald Observatory. The guide contains a year’s worth of skywatching information — how to find planets, bright stars and constellations, and when to watch for nature’s beautiful meteor showers. It’s brought to you by the folks who produce StarDate, the longest running science program on radio, and StarDate magazine. All proceeds benefit the public education programs of McDonald Observatory.

The Almanac contains month-by-month details on what to look for in the night sky. It also outlines what’s coming up in space exploration in 2002, including new telescopes for Earth orbit, launches to the Moon and comets, and the continuing saga of Mars. Next year’s anniversaries in astronomy and space exploration, including the discovery of Martian satellites and the last day humans stood on the Moon, are also listed.

To order, visit StarDate Online or send a check or money order made out to The University of Texas for $4 to: StarDate, 2515 Speedway C1402, Austin, TX, 78712. (Texas residents add $0.33 sales tax.)