Downloadable Descriptions

Student Sheet

Student sheets are designed for your students to fill in during the videoconference. 

Required Activity Materials Ready In Your Classroom

A list of materials to have on-hand for students engagement during the program. 

Teacher Guide for Videoconference Content

Includes potential student answers, descriptions of content found in student sheets, and links that support group learning.

Pre-Conference Assessment

Actvities to help you gauge student understanding before the program.

Pre-Conference Activity

An optional activity that encourages students to discuss and organize the questions they might ask during the conference.

Post-Conference Activity

An optional activity to help students transfer their McDonald Observatory experience back to their science curriculum. 

Related TEKS, NSES

This is a document that lists related Texas and National Science Standards for each videoconference.

Videoconference Evaluation Form

We ask that you complete this evaluation form following the videoconference.