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star party in amphitheater at McDonald Observatory

Summer Star Parties at McDonald Observatory

The Frank N. Bash Visitors Center hosts public star parties at McDonald Observatory four nights a week in June and July. Book your reservations in advance!

Searching for Supernovae in HETDEX Data

In the search for supernovae, astronomers must comb through a wealth of data. Automated photometric surveys find millions of possible supernovae every night. This is far too many for astronomers to manually review each one and identify which may merit additional observation.

Two Eclipses Across Texas

McDonald Observatory will provide free online training and resources to inform and educate communities about the upcoming ellipses thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Abell Hanger Foundation.

Stunning Image of Cassiopeia A from JWST

Cassiopeia A is the youngest known remnant from an exploding, massive star in our galaxy, which makes it a unique opportunity to learn more about how such supernovae occur. 

JWST Images Challenge Theories of How Universe Evolved

Hefty young galaxies defy the reigning model of cosmology, called "dark energy + cold dark matter"