Student Programs

Inspire your students with a "virtual" or an on-site McDonald Observatory field trip!

Videoconference Programs

Astro day 2006During the "Live From McDonald Observatory" videoconference program, students connect with the UT McDonald Observatory and participate in activities, virtual tours, live telescope observations, and more. Our "Live From McDonald Observatory" Videoconference Programs connect McDonald Observatory educators directly to your classroom to excite students about science and technology. Students experience a virtual tour of McDonald Observatory telescopes, observe the Sun, Moon, or Venus live with videoconference telescopes, complete a hands-on activity, and more. Upcoming special programs:

Jan 27-28 - Grades 3-5, Explore the Sun and its Features, , $25 (interactive classroom) $10 (view only)
April 15-17 – Grades K-12, Astronomy Day 2020 with McDonald Observatory, Free for all
November 4-6 – Grades K-12, Astronomy Day 2020 with McDonald Observatory, Free for all

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On-Site Student Experiences

Our K-12 Student Field Experiences immerse students in an authentic science environment at the McDonald Observatory. These programs enrich classroom instruction and immerse learners of all ages in an environment of modern astronomical research and applied STEM. Choose from a variety of programs with content designed for all grade levels.  Student Field Experience programs can accommodate up to 60 students.  A limited number of programs can accommodate groups up to 80.

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Student Field ExperiencePrimary grade students explore the Sun