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New Telescope Coming Soon to McDonald

The Las Cumbres Observatory global network will build a second 1-meter telescope on Mount Fowlkes in the next two years.

How Did the First Supermassive Black Holes Form?

An international team of researchers including Texas' Shingo Hirano has used a supercomputer simulation to recreate the formation of a massive black hole from supersonic gas streams left over from the Big Bang.

Heart of an Exploded Star Observed in 3-D

Astronomers including UT's J. Craig Wheeler have used ALMA to probe the heart of supernova 1987A to see fine details, producing a 3-D rendering of newly formed molecules inside the supernova remnant.

Pushing Hubble Space Telescope Beyond its Limits

When it comes to the distant universe, even HST's vision can only go so far. A team of astronomers including UT's Rachael Livermore used clever thinking and a cosmic alignment from a gravitational lens to help HST see even farther.

Separating True Stars from Wannabes

UT Austin astronomer Trent Dupuy has shown what separates true stars from wannabes. Not in Hollywood, but in the whole universe. He presented his research in a news conference at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Austin.