Star Party Averages

All programs are subject to capacity limits. Twilight Programs & Star Parties typically sell out and our Daytime Programs frequently sell out during busy periods like Spring Break. To ensure program participation, make advance reservations using the online system.

Those who have been to several Star Parties in the past may know just how popular these programs can be. For those who haven't attended a program, however, the following table shows the average attendance per Star Party for each month. Keep in mind that these are averages only. Expected weather can be a large factor influencing crowd size at any given Star Party. Major holidays also typically bring much larger than average crowds. Texas school systems Spring Break is our busiest time of the year. Again, these are averages PER Star Party ... NOT the entire month.

Month Average Star Party
January  142
February  231
March  547
April  285
May  277
June  364
July  406
August  311
September  193
October  302
November  291
December  239

As mentioned above, major holidays tend to bring much larger than average crowds.  For example, Memorial Day weekend has brought us individual Star Parties with as many as 628, July 4th weekend 668, Labor Day weekend 701, Thanksgiving week 777, Christmas/New Years 847. Spring Break Star Parties have consistently bring us 800-900 people. The rather high averages in March, November and December are skewed due to the number of large Spring Break & holiday Star Parties during those months. If you come outside of those busy times, you may (or may not) find smaller crowds.

We may be in the "middle of nowhere" but we do see some large crowds!

Visitors enjoying a star party at the Frank N. Bash Visitors Center at McDonald

Star Party