Useful Websites

McDonald Observatory Visitors Information Center -

General Astronomy Information

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day-

NASA- Excellent general astronomy & news site-

Royal Greenwich Observatory-

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space-

Astronomy for Beginners-

Meteor Related Pages

NAMN-North American Meteor Network

Meteor (Barringer) Crater, AZ-

Eclipse Information

Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA-

Telescopes/Accessories Online


Meade Instruments-

Celestron International-

Discovery Telescopes-

Oceanside Photo& Telescope-


StarDate Online -

Philip Plait's Bad Astronomy Blog-

James Randi Educational Foundation -

Skeptics' Guide to the Universe-

NASA Main Site (see also "NASA Websites" section below) -

PBS "Nova" Series (Space Related)-

Light Pollution

International Dark-Sky Association -


Freeware and Shareware download site -

Freeware and Shareware download site -

Starry Night Software -

The Sky/Software Bisque -

VoyagerII/Carina Software -


Tony & Daphne Hallas page-

Matt BenDaniel's Starmatt Astrophotography Site -

Space Telescopes

Hubble Space Telescope-

Spitzer Space Telescope (infrared)-

Chandra X-Ray Observatory (X-Ray)-

GALEX: Galaxy Evolution Explorer Telescope-

James Webb Space Telescope-

Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer-

NASA Spaceflight

NASA Home page-

Venus Express (European Space Agency's Mission to Venus):

Messenger (Mission to Mercury):

Mars Phoenix Mission-

Mars Exploration Rover Mission (Spirit/Opportunity)-

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter-

Mars Global Surveyor-


New Horizons (Mission to Pluto):

Space Shuttle related-

Shuttle landing Groundtracks-

Marshall Space Flight Center-

Space Mission Acronym List -

Universal Time Signals

USNO Clock-


McDonald Observatory-

Giant Magellan Telescope-

South African Astronomical Observatory-

Mt.Wilson Observatory-

Palomar Observatory-

Mauna Kea Observatory-

La Silla Observatory (Chile)-

Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (Chile)-

Special Astrophysical Observatory (Russia)-

Anglo-Australian Observatory-

National Optical Astronomy Observatories-

National Radio Astronomy Observatories-

MMT Observatory-

Lick Observatory-

Apache Point Observatory-

Mt. Graham International Observatory-

Lowell Observatory-

Yerkes Observatory-

S.C.O.P.E Consortium-


SW Association of Planetariums-

Texas Planetaria (list on

Solar Related

Solar activity and its effects on Earth-

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)-

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)-

TRACE (Transition Region and Coronal Explorer):

Hinode (Solar-B)-

STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory):

Solar Physics-Why We Study the Sun (NASA)-

Big Bear Solar Observatory-

Primer on Space Weather (NOAA)-

High Altitude Observatory (HAO) Education Pages-

Lunar & Planetary Related

Earth & Moon Viewer-

Lunar & Planetary Institute-

Nifty Lunar info-

StarDate Solar System Guide-

Welcome to the Planets/JPL/NASA-

Publications for Amateur Astronomers

StarDate -

Sky & Telescope-

Astronomy Mag-

Satellite tracking

Satellite Visibility Page-
(you'll need your precise lat/lon for accurate predictions ... see Tiger Mapping Services below)

Weather Information

Real-Time Weather Data-

Weather Underground-


The Weather Channel-

UM WX Radsat-

U of WI Cloud cover 4cast-

CRWS jetstream 4cast-


Astronomical Resorts

Stargazers Inn -

New Mexico Skies-

Star Hill Inn-

Elderhostel Programs

Elderhostel, Inc. -