Summer Scout Nights 2019

At eight inch telescope Inside 22 inch telescope Binocs Leo

Scout Nights are specially priced programs designed and intended for recognized Scouting Troops. These programs are not open to the general public. Families of scouts are strongly discouraged from attending these programs and are encouraged to attend one of our regularly scheduled Star Parties instead. If absolutely necessary, family members may join a Scout Night but will be charged at a much higher rate and all participants are expected to follow the Scout Night rules. Also keep in mind that the more family members who attend, the fewer actual scouts will be able to be served.


In order to allow the most scouts possible to participate in the program, the viewing portion of the program will be canceled and all Star Party tickets refunded in the event of poor weather conditions.

Please Note:  In order to ensure appropriate staffing levels for Scout Night, we will stop taking reservations at 5 PM on the Tuesday before the program date.

We offer two ticketing options:

Star Party ONLY ($7 per scout/leader): This ticketing option includes only the Scout Night viewing program. The viewing program will consist of a brief constellation tour and viewing through telescopes in our outdoor telescope park, weather permitting. The viewing program will begin at approximately 10 PM. We will notify the staff of the Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch by 4 PM on the date of the program if weather conditions will force cancellation of viewing for the night. Please be sure to notify us if your troop is not staying at BTSR, so that we may contact you directly in the event of a cancellation. Overall Star Party attendance is strictly limited.

Twilight Program + Star Party ($10 per scout/leader): This ticketing option includes the Scout Night Twilight Program in addition to the Scout Night Star Party. The Twilight Program is approximately ½ hour long and takes place before outdoor viewing. The program will take place in our indoor theater regardless of weather conditions. Even if we end up canceling the viewing portion, the Twilight Program will still take place. The Star Party portion of the ticket price will be refunded if weather conditions force us to cancel the viewing for the night.

If the evening you'd planned to participate is already sold out or does not have enough available passes to accommodate your entire troop, you may add your troop to the waiting list (see instructions in the drop-down text below.)

Troops attempting to participate without a reservation will be turned away! Please do not plan to just “show up” and expect to participate. The Visitors Center will be strictly adhering to this reservation and wait-list process.


Weather conditions may force us to cancel the viewing portion of the Scout Night program. Primarily, we are concerned about cloud cover and precipitation. Troops will be notified by 4 p.m. on the day of the program if it is necessary to cancel the viewing part of the program. The Twilight Program portion of Scout Night will happen regardless of weather, even if the viewing is canceled. Those with Twilight Program + Star Party passes are welcome to come up for the Twilight Program and to visit our exhibit hall, gift shop, and café.

We encourage troop leaders to monitor the weather on the day of the program. The Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch is very near the Observatory geographically, and weather conditions there can be a reasonable indicator of conditions at the Observatory. Forecasts, current conditions, and radar/satellite loops for the Observatory can be obtained here:  

In the event of program cancellation, we will provide full refunds to all ticketed troops who do not get to participate in viewing.


Scout Night Behavior Expectations

YOU and your fellow leaders are responsible for your scouts' behavior at all times. Please have your scout leaders with your scouts at all times and particularly while they shop in the Gift Shop or eat in the Café. By making reservations, you are agreeing to abide by the following behavioral expectations:

Please share the above rules with each member of your troop. It only takes poor behavior on the part of one scout to ruin the night for the entire group.

Only troops agreeing to the above will be permitted to remain at the program. If you do not agree to comply with the above requirements and wish to leave now, please see the staff at the Information Desk to arrange a refund.

A formatted PDF document of these expectations suitable for printing and distributing to your scouts and leaders is available via this link.

StarDate Cafe menu items available on Scout Nights: