Astronomy Day Videoconference Programs

In celebration of the United States Astronomy Day 2019, we invite K-12 classroom teachers and their students to participate in a free, 50-minute videoconference, live from UT McDonald Observatory entitled "Astronomy Day with McDonald Observatory! Observe the Sun live with telescopes and learn about solar features."  

Videoconference dates and times are as follows:
April 15-17, 2020: beginning at 9:00 am; 10:00 am; 1:00 pm; and 2:00 pm.
November 4-6, 2020: beginning at 9:00 am; 10:00 am; 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

During the program, K-12 students and their teachers will make live, safe observations of our star, the Sun, using telescopes and video cameras equipped with special solar filters located at McDonald Observatory, make their own drawings of the Sun, and watch demonstrations that explain the solar features they observe.  Students will interact with Obseervatory Education staff in our videoconference studio and ask their astronomy questions.  Downloadable instructional materials and assessment tools will be available for teachers at the Connect2Texas website to help students prepare for Astronomy Day, enrich the classroom learning environment, and measure knowledge growth.

To register your classroom for one or more Astronomy Day videoconferences, please visit the following link or contact Connect2Texas:
Lori Hamm-Neckar