UT-Austin @ Ft. Davis
Astronomer, Cook, and Little League Coach

Brian Roman is a Research Engineer/Scientist Associate at McDonald Observatory. Brian first came to the Observatory to become a telescope operator for the HET, and then moved into a position as a resident astronomer for the HET. Before coming to Texas, he was an assistant astronomer for the Planet Crossing Asteroid Survey at JPL in California. During this time, he co-discovered four comets. He also worked on the Solid State Imaging team for the NASA Galileo probe of Jupiter. He worked on obtaining the first resolved visual images of asteroid Gaspra -- and discovered that he liked asteroids as a subject.

A change of careers brought Brian to Austin to work on designing robotic lighting fixtures and creating manufacturing techniques in industry, but he missed astronomy. The position at McDonald Observatory offered him an opportunity not only to become involved in astronomy, but also an opportunity to continue his education. Brian is working towards a M.S. degree in Space Studies through an on-line program with University of North Dakota. If his research projects on McDonald telescopes are successful, he expects his degree in August 2004.

Brian lives at the Observatory with his wife, Dona, and two sons Eric and Jason. Brian met Dona while both were in college and working at a restaurant. Brian's skills as a professional cook get regular practice at his home. He likes to try new recipes for foods that are unusual for the area -- Indian and Vietnamese cuisine. Living at a remote place like the Observatory has its own challenges. Brian coaches Jason's Little League team every spring; recently they drove 120 miles to Terlingua for a game.

Brian Roman
Research Engineer/Scientist Associate, McDonald Observatory
B.S., Astrophysics, University of Oklahoma