Solar System Scratch & Sketch

An Art Activity BookFor inquisitive artist of all ages. Explore the amazing world of outer space, scratching your way through the solar system! Grab your space suit, hop in a spacecraft, and come explore the mysteries of our solar system. Here, in outer space, you'll discover the planets and their many moons--as well as asteriods, meteors, and comets soaring by. Just scratch away the black coating, and discover the swirl patterns, glow-in-the-dark pages, and holographic colors that appear in your artwork like magic. Scratch Book Contains: 5 black-coated glow-in-the-dark pages * 5 black-coated gold, silver, and colored glitter pages * 10 black-coated swirl pattern pages * 20 drawings with informative text * 20 extra pages for doodling * Wooden stylus for drawing