Venus Transit Activities at the Observatory June 5, 2012

Join us on the afternoon/early evening of June 5, 2012, for live views of, talks about, and demonstrations explaining the last transit of Venus across the face of the Sun until the year 2117. We'll bring live views of the transit from our solar viewing telescope system as well as views from other parts of the world into our theater. Learn about the exciting and sometimes amusing history of Venus transits and why studying and timing transits of Venus were vital to the nascent scientific understanding of the scale of the Solar System. Observe computer simulations to understand the three dimensional aspect of this rarest of celestial alignments. With the exception of the portion of the transit we'll be seeing at the time, the two sessions listed will be, essentially, identical in content.

In addition to our theater presentations, weather permitting we'll offer direct, safe telescopic views of the transit starting shortly after 5 p.m. (CDT). Any program pass purchased for that day (Daytime Pass, Solar Viewing Pass, Twilight Program, Star Party, and, of course, the Venus Transit program pass) gains entry to the telescope park for views of the event.